la casa, the house la casa, the house la piscina; the swimming pool la piscina; the swimming pool la terrazza, the terrace la terrazza, the terrace la stalla; the stable la stalla; the stable Don Pino Don Pino
















The owner of the farmhouse Cuore di palme, Tanina, in 1979 received an inheritance this orange grove from his grandfather, "don Pino", a man would say of another era, born in 1900, wise, shrewd, attached to the family values and to his land. 


Thanks to this love and thanks to the great contribution of her husband, Peppino, who has always been eclectic and revolutionary, together they managed to turn the "Mirichicchio" (so this property is called) from a simple plot of land into an "ecological area". Respecting the rules on organic farming, a crop that brings together different varieties of oranges and mandarins, with the most modern irrigation system. 


Those who once were the stables for the horses became the rooms of a beautiful and elegant mansion house, designed by the brilliant architect Nicola Laghezza, who is the brother in law of the owners.


At the end of the 90s, driven by the joy of being together, by the joy of "sharing", with the typical passion of the Sicilian hospitality, it came up the idea to share this atmosphere with all of you. 

Hence the decision to turn this "house" into an agritourisme


With the cooperation of the sons, Graziano and Stefania, today "Cuore di palme" is a place that welcomes guests as "family", with accomodations with all the amenities so that they can enjoy a relaxing holiday in contact with nature.